Course Information

Computer architecture is a foundation for computer scientists and engineers. CS211 is intended for students who are with basic understandings of computer architecture and interested in pursuing research in computer architecture or related fields. CS211 will help students to observe and explore computer architecture in both macroscopic and microscopic dimensions. The goal of CS211 is to make students better understand how software and hardware cooperate and gain knowledge from the classic and state-of-the-art with regard to technology, applications, and economics that drive continuing changes in the area of computer architecture.

The topics covered by CS211 will include (but are not limited to): instructions and instruction set, memory hierarchy, pipeline, out-of-order execution, speculative execution, caching, memory consistency, multi-threading, vectors, virtual machines, etc.

Course Staff

Instructor: Chundong Wang, wangchd <the-at-sign>

Office Hours: 9:00am - 11:00am, every Friday of Fall 2022 (except public holidays), at SIST 1A-504.D.

TA: Qisheng Jiang, jiangqsh <the-at-sign>

Course Resources

Course Schedule

Lecture Date   Topic   Notes
L01 Tue 06/09/2022   Entry-level Test    Venue: Teaching Center 101
L02 Thu 08/09/2022   Introduction and Review (L02 slides)
L03 Tue 13/09/2022   ISA, Microcode, ROP (L03 slides)    Reverse Polish Notation
L04 Thu 15/09/2022   Pipeline I (L04 slides)   
L05 Tue 20/09/2022   Pipeline II (L05 slides)   
L06 Thu 22/09/2022   Memory Hierarchy I (L06 slides)   
L07 Tue 27/09/2022   Memory Hierarchy II (L07 slides)   
L08 Thu 29/09/2022   Memory Hierarchy III (L08 slides)   A research paper on utilizing page color
L09 Sun 09/10/2022   Out-of-order Execution (L09 slides)   
L10 Thu 13/10/2022   Speculative Execution (L10 slides)   
L11 Tue 18/10/2022   Superscalar and VLIW (L11 slides)   
L12 Thu 20/10/2022   Multithreading (L12 slides)   
L13 Sat 22/10/2022   Vectors (L13 slides)   
L14 Tue 25/10/2022   Cache Coherence (L14 slides)    A research paper on cache coherence
- Thu 27/10/2022   Mid-term Exam   
L15 Tue 01/11/2022   Memory Consistency (L15 slides)    A tutorial on MCM
L16 Thu 03/11/2022   Sync & TM (L16 slides)   
L17 Tue 08/11/2022   Advanced Memory (L17 slides)   
L18 Thu 10/11/2022   Virtualization (L18 slides)   
L19 Tue 15/11/2022   Cyber-physical Systems (L19 slides)    Guest lecturer: Prof. Yuqi Chen
L20 Thu 17/11/2022   Security and Privacy (L20 slides)   
L20 Tue 22/11/2022   Summary (L21 slides)   
- Thu 24/11/2022   Final Exam