The Release of a Revolutionized LSM-tree

We have released a pre-print paper titled "Accelerating LSM-Tree with the Dentry Management of File System". It presents a new LSM-tree variant namely DeLSM leveraging the dentry management of file system. In contrast to a conventional LSM-tree, each KV pair of DeLSM makes an individual file while the original SST file is transformed into an SST directory. A major compaction of DeLSM hence no longer physically moves actual KV pairs but their dentrys. As a result, DeLSM significantly reduces the I/O amplification for LSM-tree and achieves superior performance. More details of our design and preliminary experimental results can be found in the paper.

The first author of this paper, Mr. Yanpeng Hu, is a first-year postgraduate student of Toast Lab at ShanghaiTech University.